I am not lost! I am exploring!

One of the best lessons I have learned from traveling is to be flexible. Getting overly concerned about the little things will ruin your vacation. Like they say, “Don’t sweat the petting things, and don’t pet the sweaty ones!” 😉

When my brother and I were in Ireland, we got lost a lot. I mean A LOT! At first it was frustrating. The first couple of days were very stressful for the both of us. I finally said that we need to quit thinking of it as being lost. Every single time we veered off course due to our inattention or confusion, we found something that was wonderful and unexpected. We found waterfalls. Seriously, there are waterfalls in Ireland! We found castles and ruins that were not on our list, but really should have been! By day three, whenever we would get lost, my brother and I would start saying “We are NOT lost! We are EXPLORING!” in a horrible singsong way (think Fraggle Rock theme song). It completely changed the tone of the trip. We were less stressed, had more laughs, and saw even more wonders than expected!

Here are a couple examples of the surprises we found along the way in Ireland.

the gate gate ruins waterfall1a

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