Hello world!

Wow!!! Hi there! I am so glad you stopped by. I am Sandra Leone, and I would love to take you along with me on my journeys and include you in my shenanigans. I will be completely honest with you, I am snarky (thus the name of the site…) and I love to have fun. Sometimes that fun means lounging on a beach, or having drinks with friends at a local pub, but sometimes it means ziplining or packing a bag and leaving on a moment’s notice to take advantage of an opportunity to see something new.

The purpose of Travel and Snark is to bring to you an off-centered view of the world. Since I don’t typically see the world as the average American, I hope you enjoy the new perspective and decide to try out some of the things I do or go visit the places I write about for yourselves. SO why do I think I have a different perspective than the average American? Quite honestly, it’s because I keep getting told that. I don’t think I am anything special, or that I have some skill or gift that makes me better than the average American. All I know is that when I share my stories with my friends and people I meet, they often say things like, “I would never have thought to do that,” “How come you decided to take that picture instead of one from this angle, like everyone else was doing?” or “But that’s not what I experienced/saw/felt when I was there.” I just have an off-centered way of looking at life. It probably has a lot to do with being in EMS for 14 years and seeing things that make you develop twisted sense of humor.

Traveling is an amazing activity! When I travel, I get to see new cultures: experience sights, sounds, smells that I don’t typically get to experience in the north Texas area. For instance, I never would have considered ziplining up here, but when I went to Belize, I had an adventure tour into the jungle and tried it (and HAD A BLAST!). Though that first step is a real booger! 🙂

So, thank you again for dropping by. I really cannot wait to get to know you and for you to get to know me. Join me and I will share travel tips for single (and over forty) travelers, packing tips, product reviews.  I will share the good, the bad, and the indifferent about places I visit, sleep, and eat.

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